There is a verified amount of $0 stolen by Charles Shrem from the Bitcoin community to date.

All details regarding Charles Shrem we have uncovered so far:

Mobile: (917) 202-1433
Last Known Address: 2812 Quentin Road Brooklyn NY 11229
Religious congregation:

Known family members still alive:
Alan Shrem, Father - Fremada Gold Silver, (212) 921-8829 [Ext.101]
Melody Shrem, Mother, 1855 E 9th St, (718) 375-9790
Robert Shrem, Uncle, 1614 E 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11230-6909, 718-375-7172

Basic insolvency information
Detailed insolvency information

What's going on?

We have decided to commit high-level wire fraud against individuals, corporations, and financial institutions. The amount we have stolen totals AT LEAST $0 USD, at last count.

While we made great profit during our time doing legitimate business, we have come to the conclusion that absconding with funds gleaned via the trust we built is a much easier way to get rich.

How did we do it?

Easily. We built a legitimate business, processing millions of dollars worth of transactions every month at our peak. We used the trust we built in the Bitcoin and finance communities to raise a large investment from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Then, as we grew, we used our reputation to build relationships with private suppliers of Bitcoin capable of supplying our massive purchasing demands.

Eventually, we were able to build enough of a relationship with private suppliers of Bitcoin that we had a regular flow available for our needs, so that we wouldn't cause exchanges to have massive price fluctuations due to our purchases. It saved us a ton of money, since we didn't have to buy out depth at inflated rates in order to satisfy our customers' needs.

So where's the problem, that sounds great!

Well, the temptation was just too great. As the business grew, so did the headaches. With a nearly infinite supply of untraceable digital currency, along with 7 figures of the Winklevoss' money being conveniently stored in Bitcoins already, the easy solution was obvious. I would exit a business I didn't want to run any more by defrauding any Bitcoin suppliers I had available, withdraw any funds from exchanges that I had, and use my up-to-date travel documents to abscond to a non-extradition country. The profit, on the face of it, could be at least $10,000,000 and quite possibly more!

I want to know more!

We do too! If you are one of the Bitcoin suppliers who Charles Shrem has defrauded, it is important that you contact us immediately. There is an ongoing investigation at federal and state levels into the wire fraud Charles Shrem has committed, and the victims will have more success recovering their stolen funds if they band together to build the case. If you have been defrauded by Charles Shrem, please email contact[at] immediately with full details of your experience.
If you have any additional information regarding the current location of Charles Shrem, it is important you provide these details for our investigation.

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